Penfolds Bin 389 Cabernet Shiraz
Penfolds Bin 707 Cabernet Sauvignon
Penfolds St.Henri Shiraz
Penfolds Magill Estate Shiraz
Penfolds RWT Barossa Valley Shiraz
Penfolds Grange Shiraz
Penfolds Yattarna Chardonnay
Penfolds Bin 51-Riesling
Penfolds Bin 2 was first released in 1960, but was discontinued during the 1970s at the height of the white wine boom. The original Bin 2 was an ‘Australian Burgundy’ style (despite its Rhone varieties) – typically a soft, medium-bodied wine based on Shiraz.
Penfolds Bin 28 is a showcase for warm-climate Australian Shiraz – ripe, robust and generously flavoured. First made in 1959, Bin 28 is named after the famous Barossa Valley Kalimna vineyard purchased by Penfolds in 1945 and from which the wine was originally sourced. Today, Bin 28 is a multi-region, multivineyard blend, with the Barossa Valley always well represented, providing a substantial proportion of the fruit for this vintage.
Created in 1962, Penfolds Bin 128 is a regional wine that reflects the unique climate and growing conditions of South Australia’s Coonawarra district and the relatively elegant style of coolclimate Shiraz. From the 1980 vintage, French oak replaced American, highlighting the pepper, spice and floral characteristics that define this style. Since the mid-1980s, a greater attention has been paid to fruit ripeness, resulting in a wine that is fuller in style and structure.
The Barossa Valley was planted extensively with Shiraz, Mourvedre and Grenache by the early settlers. In the 1950s Penfolds started experimenting with blending Shiraz and the robust grape variety Mourvedre.
Launched with the 1990 vintage in 1993, Penfolds Bin 407 was developed in response to the increasing availability of high quality Cabernet Sauvignon fruit. Inspired by Penfolds Bin 707, Bin 407 offers varietal definition and approachability, yet with structure and depth of flavour.
Created by the legendary Max Schubert – creator of Penfolds Grange – Bin 389 is often referred to as ‘Poor Man’s Grange’ or ‘Baby Grange’, in part because components of the wine are matured in the same barrels that held the previous vintage of Grange.
Bin 707 is Penfolds’ Cabernet Sauvignon version of Grange: ripe,intensely-flavoured fruit; completing fermentation and maturation in new oak; fully expressing a Penfolds understanding of multi-vineyard, multi-region fruit sourcing.
Aromatic and very sexy red with a surprisingly seductive and slippery texture. Plum, chocolate/mocha ( a character I often attribute to oak, but not in this case). Hints of leather, floral and spice. 100%Shiraz (unusually). Lacks concentration of early vintages.
Tight and moderately tannic red with rather closed berry, plum and oak flavours. A wine for later rather than now. Closed and hard to read. More Bordeaux-like.
Lovely rich, ripe red with a sumptuous texture. Very dense with an “old vines” feel to it. Chocolate mocha, licorice, dark berries, oriental spices and attractive oak. Opulent Shiraz that’s a cut or two above your average Barossa Shiraz. Great now but will keep for a long time.
Dense, powerful and youthful wine that is surprisingly accessible, thanks to luscious sweet fruit and a sensitive structure of ripe tannins. Still has unrevealed depths. 2% Cabernet. 100% new oak.
Intense wine with strong citrus/lemon, grapefruit, mineral, toast, bran biscuit and bread crust flavours. Complex, powerful and slightly closed wine that needs time.
Citrus bursts with lime juice aplenty! Fine, long and linear natural acid encompassing the entire length of the palate – talc, slate, mineral – brilliant! One for the ages – classic Australian bone dry Riesling. Classic Eden Valley!