Corte Giara Valpolicella DOC
Corte Giara Ripasso Della Valpolicella DOC
Corte Giara Recioto della Valpolicella DOC
Corte Giara Soave DOC
Corte Giara Pinot Grigio IGT
Corte Giara Prosecco DOC
Immagini 139
Pair with pasta, seasonal soups, bruschetta, ham and sausages.
A not very complex easy-to-drink wine. Not perfection in acidity balance, but round and nice. Hints of bitterness at once, after decanting for a hour more depth and less bitter. Four years of aging haven’t really done much, and more age is probably not helping either. Delicate nose, but shallow. Short finish without any great surprises.
Purple in colour. Really long thick legs. Flowers and herbs on the nose. Tasting is so complex i leaned back and just enjoyed.
The 2009 Soave opens with pretty aromatics that meld into soft, supple fruit. Floral, minty notes add lift on the finish. The Soave is particularly successful in this vintage.
80% negoc. fruit from the Bardolini appellation. Smells like it has some Garganega. Big fruit on the palate, maybe some RS, finishes crisp, closed nose
Appearance: Clear, Medium, Lemon Nose: Clean, Medium, Citrus, Green apples, floral, very refreshing overall Palate: Dry, High acidity, Light-bodied, Medium-finish, citrus, green pears and apples, alleged coffee taste is inside the finish Conclusion: Straightforward prosecco with a solid structure, achieving more complexity and masculinity than usual. Good Crowd-pleaser.
Bright ruby red in colour with plenty of fresh red fruit character on the nose, redcurrant and raspberry with a touch of bitter almond. On the palate it is dry and elegant with cherry and plum fruit, soft, rounded tannins, and a smooth finish. A great lunchtime or barbecue wine ! Grape varieties: 50% Corvina Veronese, 35% Rondinella